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President Barack Obama praised the spirit of the Japanese people at a state dinner held in his honor at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Thursday that the Internet is "a CIA project," adding that Moscow needed to "fight" to resist this U.S. influence.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry brings his dog, Ben, to work on Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told NBC News on Thursday that Israel was calling off peace talks with the Palestinians.Israel was infuriated after the Palestinian president agreed to form a unity government with Hamas, which is considered by the West and Israel to be a terrorist group.

Moscow said it has been "forced" to fire up fresh military exercises on the Ukrainian border Thursday in response to an Ukrainian government operation against pro-Russian separatists.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told NBC News on Thursday that Israel was calling off peace talks with the Palestinians.Israel was infuriated after the Palestinian president formed a unity government with Hamas, which is considered by the West and Israel to be a terrorist group.

Israel called off peace talks with the Palestinians on Thursday after the Palestinians agreed to form a unity government with Hamas.The announcement appeared to end a nine-month push for a peace deal by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Pine tar is the latest buzz word in baseball after New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was found with the sticky substance smeared on his neck during Wednesday night’s game.Pineda was ejected and faces a suspension after appearing to pull the stunt for the second time this month.

It looks like President Barack Obama is courting the robot vote after playing some soccer with Honda’s Asimo.Yes, Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) has grown up since it was first unveiled 14 years ago as an awkward, stumbling toddler.

Um Mohammed is seven months pregnant. She has not seen a doctor in three months – the hospital is too far and she doesn’t have money for transportation.“I will provide what I can for him, but he will be born here,” she said. “What more can I give him?

The ambassador to Japan defended a controversial tweet about Japan's annual dolphin hunt that she posted shortly after her installation – and said she doubts she “would ever” run for office.

Give Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees credit for this much: He cheated the old-fashioned way.The nervy Pineda was caught Wednesday night with an obvious smear of sticky pine tar on his neck — meant, he said, to get a better grip on the ball on a cold night in Boston.

A series of massive recalls has sliced GM's profit by 88 percent in the first quarter.The company is embroiled in a wide-ranging controversy over an ignition problem in nearly 3 million cars, linked to at least 13 deaths.

The former Republican governor of Florida has given his clearest indication yet that he’s considering a run for president in 2016.

Offering words of encouragement for a rancher leading an armed standoff against federal rangers turns out to be not so great of a political move – especially when the rancher in question muses publicly about the benefits of slavery.

The clown is getting a makeover. Ronald McDonald is ditching his iconic yellow jumpsuit, and for the first time ever, joining social media.

JERUSALEM — In the last year, fewer Israelis were killed by terrorist attacks than at any point since the outbreak of the second intifada. But as Palestinian terrorism has receded, bombings haven’t stopped. In fact, they may be increasing.

Dr. Jerry Umanos had dedicated his life to training Afghan doctors in the treatment of children.

The popular series' showrunner discussed advancing the relationships between key cast members, and what happens after season 10.

Today is 'Take Our Children To Work Day,' and you've kindly shared some of your best photos with us! Take a look, and get some advice for handling the little whippersnappers on the job.

Teed upPresident Obama made news overnight (East Coast time) when he said in his news conference in Tokyo that new sanctions against Russia are “teed up,” with technical issues that still need to be worked out.

A man was arrested as he attempted to smuggle $580,000 in U.S. banknotes into China on Wednesday.The man had the cash — much of it in $100 bills — strapped around his legs and in a bag when he was detained crossing from Hong Kong to the mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A longtime ally of the man tipped to be India's next leader has been caught on camera making anti-Islamic comments, raising questions about how an incoming government led by Narendra Modi would treat its 176 million Muslims.

Vladimir Putin gave an ominous warning to Ukraine on Thursday that its attempts to push back pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country would result in "consequences.

A boy and girl trapped in a sinking South Korean ferry tied their life jacket cords together, a diver who recovered their bodies said Thursday – the latest heartbreaking twist in the grim task of recovery at the scene.

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