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The meeting comes nearly 1,000 years after Eastern Orthodoxy split with Rome. They will address the rift between the two branches of Christianity.

The Republican field narrows to six with the suspension of the long-shot campaign.

Snyder will appear before the House Oversight Committee about the situation in Flint, in which residents were exposed to lead contamination.

The Northeast is being warned to brace for what could be the coldest temperatures in over a decade this Valentine's Day weekend.

An occupation at an Oregon wildlife refuge came to an end this week, as did two Republican presidential campaigns following the N.H. primaries.

The Ted Cruz versus Donald Trump battle has made its way to South Carolina.

Police say they have not confirmed a motive in the attack on a restaurant that left 4 wounded. The attacker was killed by police.

Lawyers for two alleged teen victims of Palm Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein say 30 or more alleged victims weren't told of his "lenient" plea deal.

Everyone at Independence High School had been accounted for after the shooting occurred just before 8 a.m. local time, Glendale police said.

Pope Francis wears a traditional Mexican sombrero hat he received as a gift by a Mexican journalist aboard the plane during Friday's flight from Rome

Three agencies will investigate the safety of the artificial playing surface. There are questions whether the material poses a risk to young people.

The time has finally come to say goodbye to the Philae lander, the first in history to land on a comet in transit - though with a rough touchdown that

A new report accuses Airbnb of manipulating its user data to disguise the number of illegal hosts using the site.

If you're dating someone who has already pre-ordered the Oculus Rift, a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day probably won't do.

A lawmaker who became the poster boy for paternity leave in Japan has quit over an affair with a kimono dresser days before his wife gave birth.

The family of Shannan Gilbert says a report by Dr. Michael Baden indicated the escort didn't die of natural causes and may have been strangled.

The victims of the attack in Columbus were apparently chosen at random, police said. The suspect was shot and killed by police after a chase.

Two years after many of their prized cars plummeted into a sinkhole, the National Corvette Museum has opened up an exhibit commemorating the event.The

Lindsay, who grew up in Houston, tweeted late Thursday that she was "extremely disappointed" with the Cruz campaign's decision.

World powers agreed to a temporary truce in Syria early Friday, but it was far from clear if the "ambitious" deal will be enforced on the ground.

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